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Frequently Asked Questions By Clients

Here we try to answer some questions often expressed by prospects!

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Website Designs

Get Your Site Online Fast. We can address numerous web concepts, from a budget site to the high impact project.

Productivity Software

We propose a number of advanced, server-side, productivity tools to help optimize your professional activities.

Web Hosting

Multinational company, SME or just a SoHo office, we have the web / blog / email hosting solutions for you!

Domain Names

Immediate access to over 80 TLD extensions to check availability and book your domain name on the fly.

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Web Designs

Large or small web budget, we're here to assist in your success, within your business means! We'll deliver a site you'll be proud of!

Web Hosting

Website, blog or email; we host them on our 4th generation grid hosting platform with 24/7 monitoring, using advanced defenses!

Sales Promotion

We can design your company identity such as logo, letterheads, business cards, pamphlets, brochures and electronic newsletter.


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Discover the difference a quality email plan can make, with powerful Cisco IronPort built-in protection against viruses, spam and fraud.



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Book your top level domain with us and get a free Email address, all for some of the lowest prices in the industry!



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Economize! Host your web or blog on our best-of-breed infrastructure; large selection of plans for every requirement and budget.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I decide what is needed?
  2. Where can I host my site?
  3. What does a website cost?
  4. Who submits my site to search engines?
  5. When is my site ready?


How do I decide what is needed

  • If you are a business, a storefront commerce, freelance professional, a club or a school, look at the sites of 3 of your major competitors and decide if you need to be on par or actually do better than them.

  • If you are a private person who simply wants a family type site, we can also cater to your needs. However, if you are modestly adventurous, why not consider building your own site for a fixed price!  Go to SwissTronix.net and under the “Build a Website” point to Website Builder and consider the options. Here is the link to a “live” example made with our server-side software: SwissTronix.info. 

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Where can I host my site?

  • Your website will be hosted on our rock-solid, best-of-breed SwissTronix.net infrastructure. Servers are monitored 24/7. You can view your site from any computer, anywhere in the world, even from any public place with a WiFi connection such as train stations, airports, internet cafe, etc.

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What does a website cost?

  • We specialize mainly on webs between 3 and 30 pages. But we’ve also done some going to over 120 pages!

  • Typically a very simple 3-page site can already start at under $500 with 12 months hosting, plus 1 text interventions per month free. The upper limit is far harder to say. It all depends on how many pages you need, how fancy it really has to be.

  • Contact us for a one-on-one review of your needs upon which we will make you an offer. But do also give thought on what upper budget limit you wish to set for the job. It won’t advance you if we quote a site for $3000, based on your wish list, while the most you want to spend is $1500!

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Who submits my site to search engines?

  • We optimize all our client websites with the appropriate meta tags (code language the webbots can crawl and index) and submit to some 25 search engines, including the leading ones: Google®, Yahoo!® and Bing®. When we know of free regional search engines we can also trigger these. We do not submit to paid or cross-linked search engines unless our client wishes to also cover the expense.

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When is my site ready?

  • We’ve done sites in 1-3 days. But we’ve also had cases of very simple sites not ready for several weeks because clients could not decide on page content. We normally prefer to start the project only once all page material (text as well as images) have been supplied. This said give yourself one to two weeks for a small site. Keep in perspective that there is art in a site, not just technology. And art needs time to sleep over and will need trimming. The technology side will need the tweaking! Both may continue even after your site is launched.

  • On your end, you would need to keep the content current, once in a while bringing about changes to refresh the site. A stale site is like a street commerce that never changes the look of its window. Summer through winter the same décor persists, so patrons get bored and look elsewhere. And ride with the understanding that the window on your products and/or services must also be 'marketed'. You need to create incentives to drive existing customers as well as prospects to your site, time and again! A permission-based marketing tool to help you achieve that goal is available. Click below and point to the "Marketing Tools" tab for full details.

Express Email Marketing

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